Planning begins with understanding the nature and scope of a project. At this point, we understand the functions, features, requirements of the clients. Apart from this, we also dig deep for the possible risks that may arise because of going with particular project idea. Here, we also note the estimated time required in completion the entire project.


In the next phase begins analysis that goes on according the requirements placed in the document created by project-assigned team. A proper study of ongoing technologies and trends is carried out for planning and defining each step of the project. Factors like project schedule & management, security adoption, testing method adoption, etc are also studied.


Prototyping is a very important phase as it lets developers and clients imagine the actual end-product. A lot of changes are made at this point based on the analysis of the project. A prototype also helps developers easily experience the future complexities and risks associated with the development of a web portal.


As soon as the prototyping is finished up, the client is asked to review the portal for all its features, functions, etc. At this point, the client may also involve real users and consider their feedbacks.


After considering reviews of clients and users, the real development of a web portal begins. The process execution covers web portal architecture designing, framework designing, and implementation of the database. Credible Future executes the development of web portal with strict adherence of universal rules set for similar product development.


QA Testing takes place a step before the deployment of a web portal. It is an important part of every software development. It includes tests of the navigation of website, cross browser support, cross platform support, loading speed, respond time, and a lot of other factors.


Once everything is fine-tuned, it is time to deploy the project. The entire project is then shifted from local machine to online server so that users around the world can access.

Our Way – The Process

Requirement Analysis

Our team of business analyst and software engineers work closely with your team to understand the requirements and create user stories and solution design.

Design, Development & Sprints

We setup a development environment and configure the project on our online collaborative project management tool. You get a real-time access to project as well as the dedicated project manager. As the project progresses, the frequent sprint meetings are held with you to get timely feedback and ensure the project objectives are met.

Final Product – In no time!

Our deployment team prepares the production environment for deploying the stable build on the hosting servers. With our expertise in code versioning, server security and release management, we make the deployment process smooth and secured.

We provide diligent support after the implementation of the product either online or on iOS/Android stores using data analytics, bug alerts and active monitoring.

An Adept plan

We create a project plan keeping in the mind the demands of the innovative solution as well as timelines.

Testing & Stabilizing

Our team of Quality Testing and Security engineers are integral part of the project team from the very start of the project. As each sprint gets coded, the QA team tests it thoroughly for any bugs, deviations from project scope and security vulnerabilities. After multiple iterations, the stable sprint is released for your review (as part of User Acceptance Testing).